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Larry Grecu

Baker, Florida

May 7, 2015

I don't think that there are too many Christians in the United States who cannot see the handwriting on the wall of our nation. And apparently, we are not short on prophets who are more than willing to translate what the nation's leaders cannot decipher, at least those who are not participating in the destruction of our country. Additionally, I don't think it is beyond any Christian's imagination that the persecution of Christians is not only taking place throughout the world, but also within our own country. While still in the minor stages for sure, and not as severe as in other countries, persecution is coming to the United States in a big way.

This is something that Paul the apostle warned the believers of his day: "For ye, brethren, became followers of God which in Judea are in Christ Jesus: for ye also have suffered like things of your own countrymen, even as they have of the Jews . . ." (I Thessalonians 2:14). Paul, as a faithful apostle, also told the Thessalonican church that he wanted "no man . . . moved by these afflictions: for yourselves know that we are appointed thereunto, For verily, when we were with you, we told you before that we should suffer tribulation; even as it came to pass, and ye know (I Thessalonians 3:3,4).

This coming persecution will include both Christians and Jews. I include Jews in this persecution because I believe that while God has been using "fishers" to lure American Jews back to Israel, most have not taken the bait. So, the only alternative is that God will raise up the "hunters," forcing the Jews out of the United States one way or another (See Jeremiah 16:16). Time will tell if I am right, but it is quite evident that there is a rise in anti-Semitism throughout the world, and even in our own country.  The hunters are rising!

This message, however, is actually more for Christians - praying Christians - who are praying for our nation and for a shift in the political influences governing it. Here is what I am getting at. Before the mass exodus of the Jews from Egypt, before there was a Pharoah governing Egypt who "knew not Joseph," the children of Israel were quite satisfied in their new Egyptian culture. They became so satisfied, in fact, that instead of staying in the land of Goshen, they filled the whole land of Egypt. God even increased His people greatly, and made them stronger than their enemies (Exodus 1:6-8; Psalm 105:24).

All of us would probably shout, "Amen! Hallelujah!" to any increase or multiplication received from the Lord. But, there are other things God did to and for the Israelis that may not necessarily line up with your theology. Psalm 105:25 reads, "He (God) turned their heart (the Egyptians') to hate his people (the Jews), to deal subtilly with his servants." What? You mean to tell me that God would do such a thing as that? Precisely. But, why? It was to get the Jewish people on the same prayer page with God. You see, God had a better plan for His people. He wanted to change governments completely. When the people got on the same prayer page with God, He heard their prayer and answered it.

Instead of looking for a new governmental regime to take over, God had two men he had prepared in secret, Moses and Aaron, the deliverers. If you look at the pattern in the book of Exodus, there was a new Pharoah who knew not Joseph; there was a change in how Egyptians viewed the Jews; there were increased taxes; there was increased, outright persecution; there was the murder of infants; there was a crying out to God by the Jews; and then, there was God's response with the deliverers. Does this sound familiar? Of course, all of this was followed by the judgment upon the whole country of Egypt.

There are many people in our nation, Christians and non-Christians, who are looking for something better in and from our government. But, are we fighting against God in our endeavors to put the right person in the White House, when God Himself might be behind the developing problems of Christians in America, when God Himself might be trying to get the attention of Christians throughout the nation?

If we are honest, there are many Christians who cannot be distinguished from Egyptians nowadays, many Christians who have become enamored with Egypt and all the riches it has to offer. Maybe change is what we all need. It might not be the kind of change we would like, but I am sure it was not the kind of change the Jews liked either. However, the change God initiated brought the results He was looking for: one nation under God, crying out to Him for deliverance. The Church has not reached that place yet, but it is on its way. If Exodus 1 and Psalm 105 are two passages of Scripture we need to take note of, then, prophetically speaking, we should not be surprised if and when God allows the heat to be turned up seven times hotter. Selah!


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