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MAY 19, 2014




Last week, as I was awaking, the Lord spoke to me and told me the following words: "Just as you had the word about the revival that came to Pensacola in the 1990s and it came to pass, I tell you now that there is coming another revival that will be a counterfeit revival. It is going to be a Counter-Reformation." When I had this experience, I knew that it was surely going to come to pass just as it came to pass in the days of the Reformation under Martin Luther. The Lord spoke to me that this coming Counter-Reformation will have lying signs and wonders that, if it were possible, would deceive the very elect. This Counter-Reformation is going to be led by the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church. One of the leading religious orders used during the Counter-Reformation was the Jesuits, also known as the Society of Jesus, the order that Pope Francis I is a member of. I would encourage all who read this paper to research the Counter-Reformation, the Jesuits, and the life of their founder, "Saint" Ignatius Loyola (1491-1556). You will be shocked to learn the person to whom the Jesuits pledge their allegiance, even to the point that they are willing to sacrifice their own judgment.
Recently, there have been many words coming forth about wind or winds of change. Why should the Holy Spirit warn us about the wind or winds of change? In the 1960s, in the Roman Catholic Church, Pope John XXIII supposedly opened the Catholic Church to the wind of the Holy Spirit, an opening which had as its goal not only a move of the Holy Spirit, but also the goal of unifying all the churches of Christianity under the banner of the Roman Catholic Church in what has come to be known as the ecumenical movement.

The Lord spoke to me to be watchful and pray because the enemy is going to release his counterfeit wind to produce a move of the "spirit" that will deceive many in these last days. This counterfeit wind was released in the 1960s under Pope John XXIII, and it will be released again under Pope Francis I. How ironical is it that the current pope canonized or made "saints" of two of his recent predecessors, John XXIII and John Paul II. Remember, that to be canonized a saint in the Roman Catholic Church, two miracles are required, miracles received when someone has prayed to the person for a miracle. Why do I think the current pope canonized these two men? To validate their doctrines or teachings. Remember, the Roman Catholic Church has not stopped its Counter-Reformation.

The recent winds in Pensacola, Florida, and surrounding cities, put many church foundations under water OR caused the foundations to give way. What is the Lord saying? During the Counter-Reformation, the Roman Catholic Church, through the Jesuits and other religious orders, was able to bring back many Germans into the fold or clutches of the Church. Why? Because many of the Christians were not grounded in the foundational doctrine of "the just shall live by faith." We are warned in the epistle to the Hebrews that we are called to be teachers ourselves of the doctrines of the apostles. But, how can we teach others what we ourselves do not know or understand? Therefore, I would encourage those who are called into the ministry to use the short time we are being given to re-check the foundation of your congregation! Do not be afraid to ask your congregation the hard questions. It is a matter of life and death.

Jesus warned that there would be a storm and winds that would try two houses, and that storm is coming. Why is it coming? To see if your house is built on the Rock or if it is built on the shifting sands. The Roman Catholic Church's house is built on the shifting sands, and it will fall in the time of judgment. That is why the Word of God says, "Come out of her, My people, that you be not partaker of her plagues." In other words, "Get in the right house!"

A few days ago, I had a dream in which I saw four young boys in their early teens. Each of the boys was dressed in white garments that had a hood attached to them. They appeared like altar boys that you would see at a religious service in a Roman Catholic or Episcopal church. Each boy was carrying a pole that had a golden ball at the top of the pole. The ball was not solid but was made up of wide golden strands that were shaped like a globe. As the boys walked, they would twist the pole causing the ball or globe at the top to make a sound that was meant to inspire both awe and fear.

I then heard that these boys were going to get the Ark of the Covenant, and I saw them disappear around a corner. A few minutes later, these boys emerged carrying what I expected to be the Ark of the Covenant. They were also twisting the sticks to make the sound to put awe and fear in people's hearts. Much to my surprise, when I looked up, what I saw instead was a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary being carried. She was the Ark of he Covenant.

I do not think this dream needs much in the way of interpretation, although there are many significant things that can be gotten from this dream that I will not go into at this time. Those who are familiar with Roman Catholic doctrine should know that the Blessed Virgin Mary is being exalted above the Lord Jesus Christ as the "Mediatrix of All Graces." Again, I would encourage anyone reading this paper to do some research on the role that the Roman Catholic Church believes Mary has played in our salvation. She is actually prayed to in one of the Catholic litanies as Mary, Ark of the Covenant!

In conclusion, I would strongly remind everyone that great deception is coming, deception that will include lying signs and wonders. There is coming a counter-reformation and a counter-revival that will pull people back under the influence and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. This "church" is the synagogue of Satan, and it is headed up by antichrists, if not Antichrist himself. There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is death. It is time that we all examine ourselves to see if we are in the true faith.


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