Thursday, April 2, 2015

Larry Grecu

Baker, Florida

April 1, 2015

This afternoon I lay down for a short nap during which time I was given a name Allesandro Denaro. I then began hearing the words "clued" and "clueless." From these latter two words, I knew that the Lord was telling me that there are two groups of people in the Church, the clued-in and the clueless. The second group has no idea what is about to happen in the United States of America. No idea that we are heading for a dictatorship. No idea that we are heading for massive judgments that will occur so suddenly that people will not have an opportunity to escape.

In the book of Genesis, we are given the end from the beginning. In other words what happened back then is a foreshadowing of what is coming in the end of times. Jesus Himself referenced the book of Genesis when he made two statements regarding the nephew of Abraham, Lot. "It (His second coming) will be as in the days of Lot," and "Remember Lot's wife."

If you go back to the days of Lot, you will see first that there was a feud going on between Abraham's herdsmen and Lot's. This resulted in a separation in the family. Lot and his family moved their tent, herds, and all, and encamped in an area near Sodom. Eventually, the pull of Sodom was too great for nephew Lot. We finally see him and his family as full-fledged citizens of Sodom. Unbeknownst to Lot and his family, they had just moved into the city of the "clueless." If they had stayed with Uncle Abraham, they would not have needed a clue.

I found it interesting that in connection with these words I was first given the name "Allesandro Denaro." I was not sure if there was anyone by that name. I also did not know the meanings of the names. What I found, however, was a serious warning. The name Allesandro means "defender of man," while the name Denaro refers to both Nero (whose name means "black") and to money. Over the past few days, we have seen the giant corporations in America (emphasis on giants, as in the days of Noah) rise in defense of something God hates - the abomination of homosexuality. This has nothing to do with equal rights. This has everything to do with what Jesus prophesied would come in the Last Days. Don't be deceived! God is giving our nation and its people what they want: a defender of man (Allesandro, Italian version of the Greek Alexander) and a Nero, a dictator and a lover of money (denaro). We are beginning to see the "dark side" of the use of money to gain what one wants. But I would ask you, at what price? Who would have ever thought we would see a travel ban to another state in our own nation over the issue of equal rights for homosexuals?

Do not think God has shut His eyes to what is going on. He will soon let His voice be heard. Shortly we will see catastrophic judgments come on the United States. Our military will be defeated. The economy will collapse (again). Corporations will crumble. Millions will die of starvation, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, diseases and plagues. Internal and external wars will erupt, wars which are already appearing within our nation. There will be total chaos. When they shall say, "Peace and safety," then sudden destruction shall come upon them.

Beloved, this is not the time to be clueless. Even God does not want us clueless! Lot was clueless to what was coming on Sodom and Gomorrah, just like most Christians and non-Christians are clueless. He chose to "pitch his tent toward Sodom, where the men were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly." We have seen nothing of the wickedness that is coming! The time to go back to God is now! Get out of Sodom!

If you are in the "clueless camp," now is the time to make the switch. Abraham was secluded in the will of God. He was "clued in" by God in enough time to help clueless Lot. I am not writing this to condemn those who are caught in the devil's lies about homosexuality. I am here to warn you. I have been clued in: judgment is coming. You do not have to stay in Sodom and Gomorrah. There is another city to flee to!

The only way in is through Jesus Christ, who died for you while you were without strength; while you were an ungodly person; while you were a sinner and an enemy of God. God does not want you ignorant of what is happening or what He is about to do. You can know! Now is the time to make your choice. Make the right choice today. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. My email is I would be glad to talk with you and lead you into the right camp. Remember, tomorrow may be too late.

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  1. Thanks for posting, Larry. I am reminded of Amos 3:7. There are too many saying today that judgement is coming for us not to heed the message. We either respond to God and live or ignore His warning and perish.