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Larry Grecu
Baker, Florida
April 22, 2013
One of my favorite commentaries on the book of Romans is by William R. Newell, who was a Bible teacher under Dwight L. Moody. He was asked by Mr. Moody to begin conducting teachings on Romans, which both men believed to be the cornerstone of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But, here is one of the interesting and sad things discovered by Mr. Newell when he ministered the truths of Roma...ns to people ALREADY on the mission field:

"The author must be permitted to say that he had part in the Student Volunteer Movement for foreign missions of fifty years ago; that he saw hundreds of earnest and honest students "volunteer" for the mission field. But afterwards, in teaching the book of Romans, especially in China, he had many a missionary say, "We never knew this gospel before." It is nothing short of tragic to send men and women out against the hosts of hell in heathendom without teaching them through and through and through this mighty gospel Paul preached: - which gospel he says is "the power of God unto salvation." And he comes to further detail in saying, "The word of the cross is the power of God." Education, medication, sanitation, and general sweetness - what does Satan care for that? The word of the cross is the great wire along which runs the dynamic of God - and it runs along no other wire." (from Romans, Verse by Verse, by William R. Newell, p. 275, footnote)

Brothers and Sisters, will this be your sad testimony on the day of judgment? Are you even being taught the Gospel in your church? Do you even know the goal of the Gospel, GOD'S Good News, for those who need salvation and those who already have it? Do you even know why you need the Good News, even after your salvation? All the answers to these questions are things you should know about the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. May this message stir your heart to seek again to gain a full understanding of the glorious gospel of God! Paul the apostle did not fail to equip the church of his day with the whole counsel of God. How much more do we need this equipping today! Hopefully, you are being equipped in your church. If not, may God have mercy on you NOW, and especially if you are being sent out to your part of the mission field without the gospel!

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