Saturday, June 27, 2015


Larry Grecu
Baker, Florida
June 27, 2015 

A few years ago, the mayor of Pensacola, Florida, issued a proclamation in recognition of Gay Pride Week. Before the big celebration could take place, Pensacola was hit with torrential rains that dumped 13.13 inches of rain over the city. This amount was measured at the airport in Pensacola. I was in Pigeon Forge, TN, during that time. My daughter, Cindy, ran into our bedroom and told us what was happening. When she did, the Lord spoke to me and said, "Read Genesis 13:13." Well, here we go again. I didn't know what this verse was about at all! BUT, when I read it, it scared me to think what the Lord was saying.

Here is what Genesis 13:13 says: "But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before the Lord exceedingly."

Some time after this incident, I was invited to speak on a local radio program in Baker, Florida, about the prophetic word the Lord gave me in 2008 regarding Baker and Crestview, Florida. I mentioned about the Genesis 13:13 incident and how the Lord had tied these words into the torrential rains that hit Pensacola, Florida, as a sign of His displeasure and judgment.

A man was listening to the program, and when he heard what I said about 13.13, he thought I was making a big deal over nothing. However, the Lord was faithful to give this man a serious wakeup call. The man and his wife were going to celebrate, I believe, their 25th wedding anniversary in Hawaii. While he was flying over on the plane, he kept thinking to himself, "What's the big deal about 13.13." It just kept bugging him. Well, he and his wife got to the hotel in Hawaii, and much to this man's amazement, the hotel put them up on the 13th floor! It got even more bizarre when they were handed the room key to - you guessed it - Room 1313.

When this man told me the story, I was in amazement at God's confirmation. Actually, I can't explain to you what was going through my mind. I guess just total shock! BUT, this is not all the story. While they were "vacationing" at the hotel, the tsunami warning sirens went off, and all the hotel guests had to evacuate the hotel and flee to higher ground! God does have a sense of humor, although this is, unfortunately, a dead serious warning to our President and to our nation.

Mr. President, if you think that God is not watching what is going on, you are dead wrong. He is watching your every move. Fellow Americans, you can sing and dance in the streets, celebrating your ‪#‎love‬ wins until you are blue in the face, but God is watching. Something is going to happen that is going to confirm what I am writing.  God is watching and God is going to show up. Your celebration will be turned into terror, and your blasphemy against Almighty God will be met with fiery judgment. 

God will not be mocked! You have sown the seeds of your own destruction, and you will reap the whirlwinds of judgment.

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