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What Will You Do When the Applause Dies Down and the Fire Gets Seven Times Hotter?

What Will You Do When the Applause Dies Down and the Fire Is Turned Up Seven Times Hotter?
Larry Grecu
Baker, Florida
July 3, 2015
If the shoe fits, wear it!  If it doesn't, then you will probably know where I am coming from.  Several years ago, when our children were in school here in Okaloosa County, I had an incident which the Lord used to shake me to my foundation.  It was also used by the Lord to shape me and mold me, even though I have to admit, that at one point, I personally did not care if I ever remained a Christian or not.  Thank God, the Lord kept dealing with me and using all of these experiences to bring me into a stronger Christian experience today.
What I faced in the public school system in Okaloosa County is coming back around, and I want to give teachers, administrators,  and the superintendent - both  Christians and non-Christians - some idea of what you are going to face and what you better be willing to do this time around.
One day I was sent a letter from the school system that an invitation was being sent to the parents to view a video dealing with sex education in one of the classes.  If a parent felt that his or her child should be excluded from the presentation, then that would be allowed.  I decided to go view the film.  When I went, the principal of the school was quite surprised.  I was only one of two parents who wanted to view the film.  Nothing had been set up - no projector, no place, etc.  The school was totally unprepared for the visit.  That should tell you how unconcerned some parents are about what their children are learning!  And, by the way, Parents, you will be held accountable to almighty God!

I ended up in some hole in the wall in the library, but I did view the film.  I won't go into detail of what the film "taught."  It was not something I wanted my fourth grade student to be taught by the public school for sure.  Anyway, a short time later, the superintendent held a public meeting for PARENTS at the school where my children were attending.  During that meeting, parents were allowed to express any of their concerns about the way the school was being operated.  I was one of the parents who spoke.  I let the superintendent know that in know uncertain terms was I going to let the system teach my child sex education, especially when it came to issues that could lead to fornication or homosexuality. 

There was a big round of applause from parents who were just as concerned as I was.  BUT, when push came to shove, when the applause died down, when the fire got hotter, I found that the superintendent as well as most parents did not have the spiritual guts to stand.  The superintendent claimed to be a Christian,  but when the fire got hotter, her political career mattered more to her than her beliefs.  She did not last long as a superintendent.  But, I was no better than any of the above.  My dependency was not on the Lord.  The shaking that came caused me to throw in the towel on Christianity and just say to hell with it all.  I really didn't even care if I went to Hell - and I knew there is a Hell!

Within a few days of my speech, my principal called me to his office.  On the way to his office, the Lord spoke to me and told me not to worry about what to say. He would give me the words to speak to the principal.   The principal told me that he had heard about my speech and that if I wanted to keep my job and be hired on the following year, I had better keep my mouth shut.  What happened next shocked even me.  I couldn't believe what came out of my mouth.  I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Sir, I do not care if you take my job.  My children are more important to me than this job."

Well, he made sure that I was not rehired, and of course, when the superintendent was informed of what had happened, she did nothing.  Within a year, my whole world collapsed.  I couldn't get a job in the school system, and eventually I left the area to find work while my wife and children stayed in Baker.  I did have one woman call me and tell me that she supported what I had shared in the parents meeting with the superintendent, but she couldn't speak out because her husband's job would be in jeopardy if she did.  I thanked her for at least calling.

As I am writing this, I could almost cry.  Why?  Because when the fire got hotter, I couldn't stand.  Like Peter the apostle, I thought I could stand for the Lord.  The truth that I couldn't was something I needed to learn, especially when the trial was very long.  But, there is good news!  The Lord is going to give all of us a second chance.  The fire is getting ready to get seven times hotter. 
I have shared before that the Lord gave me a dream in which the teachers, administrators, and workers in the public school system of Okaloosa County - Christian and non-Christian - will soon be forced to sign a document endorsing the teaching of homosexuality, gender identity, bi-sexuality, etc.   This dream came BEFORE the Supreme Court ruling on homosexual marriage, otherwise known as same-sex marriage.  God is faithful to warn ahead of time.

In the dream, there were Christian and non-Christian teachers alike who refused to sign the document.  As a result, they lost their jobs, their homes, their health insurance, their retirement, and their transportation.  It was then that Christians opened their homes to these people who were willing to pay the price for the Truth.
Back in the day of my trial, even close kin told me, "You should have kept your mouth shut.  Look at all you have lost, and look what your family is suffering!"  Those kin are dead now and have gone on to their judgment.   We are still living and still have an opportunity to be like the three Hebrew children who would not bow the knee and worship the king's statue.  There are teachers, administrators, and workers in our school system who are ready to pay the price.  Let us pray that we as their fellow sufferers will not fail them in their time of need but will remember those who are suffering for their faith.

May God give us all the grace to stand in this soon-coming trial.  May we be among those Christians who not only applaud what our fellow Christians and non-Christians are standing for, but also provide for them when they are in  need.  The time for the Church to pull together is at hand.  All of our lives depend on it.  There is an evil Haman system that has invaded our land, and if we do not hang together, we will all hang alone. (See the book of Esther if you don't know what I mean!)

Little children in the Middle East and in other nations are refusing to deny their faith in Jesus Christ and are being beheaded, crucified, buried alive, imprisoned and tortured.  The same is happening with teenagers, and adults, young and old.  Are we willing to pay the price and receive the applause of Heaven, or do we instead want the applause of man?  Let us all examine ourselves to see whether we are in the faith.  He will give us the grace to stand!

God bless!
Larry Grecu

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