Saturday, July 4, 2015

Calling All Prophets! It Is Time for You To Become the Judges You Are Supposed To Be!

Calling All Prophets! 
It Is Time for You To Become the Judges You Are Supposed To Be!
Larry Grecu 
Baker, Florida
July 4, 2015
Where are the prophets who are going to begin judging what prophets are prophesying?  I came under fire a little over a year ago when I questioned a prophecy by Kim Clement regarding Pope Francis and the Roman Catholic Church, a prophecy that appeared on and was endorsed by Elijah List.  I wrote a letter asking why our church was not addressing this; why our church was not warning people about the likes of Kenneth Copeland, James Robison, Ulf Eckman, and others who were forsaking Christianity and were substituting unity for the Truth by kissing up to the pope.
I went to a meeting last July at another church and promised myself that if the ministries in the campmeeting did not address the abominations that were being committed by the above-mentioned ministries, I would never darken the door of that church again, and they would never have my support!  Thank God, the pastor was not and is not a coward like the some of the cowards in our pulpits who are afraid to offend people with the Truth!  In fact, I thought I was fired up about what was going on, but when this pastor spoke I felt like a matchstick compared  to him!

In that meeting, the pastor warned of the danger of the overtures made to Protestants by the Pope through Bishop Tony Palmer. This so-called bishop had the gall to say that the "protest" was now over, that we could all be brothers again.  Well, within days, Bishop Tony Palmer, friend of Pope Francis I, was dead! 

Earlier, I had literally transcribed the question and answer session word for word between Bishop Tony Palmer and James Robisons' son, an interview that was filled with double-talk and lies of compromise.  The death of Tony Palmer should be a solemn warning to Christians, to prophets who are prophesying things out of their own hearts, and to false prophets.  Christians, you have a responsibility to search the Scriptures to see if what ministries are telling you lines up with the Word of God.

Don't let ANY ministry accuse you of being a Jezebel because you question what they are saying!  I questioned statements by two ministries a couple of years ago and got blasted.  Ask me if I care.  If it costs me fellowship with them, so be it.  I want to remain in fellowship with Almighty God and His Word.  As Christians, we are called to worship God in spirit AND IN TRUTH.

Unfortunately, I have seen too many charismatics and those associated with apostolic movements dumping the Truth for the latest prophetic word from some celebrity prophet or pastor.  Don't be deceived, and above all don't fail to search the Scriptures to see if what you are being told is Truth!  God will hold you accountable.  If you are too lazy to study your Bible or too scared of what man thinks of you, you better get over it in a hurry!  Judgment is coming to the House of God.

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