Monday, July 27, 2015


Dream of July 26, 2015

Larry Grecu

Baker, Florida

On Sunday morning, July 26, 2015, I had a dream about an earthquake occurring in Cincinnati, Ohio. The earthquake occurred during the work day. I knew this because, in the dream, men were walking around in white shirts with ties, attire you would expect to find an office worker wearing. I knew that these men had fled the buildings they worked in as the earthquake hit. However, others were not so fortunate. From the collapsed buildings of the downtown area, there were many people screaming and crying out for help .

I then saw these businessmen walking around the streets looking for some way to assist the people who were yelling for help, but they had nothing to work with. They had absolutely nothing! They kept looking for a way to help, equipment to use to move parts of buildings, but there was none! In fact, they even were looking for help from the government, but again there was NONE - absolutely no government assistance was coming to Cincinnati, Ohio!  NONE!

This was the warning I was given in the dream. I was told in the dream that the United States government was not going to be able to help anyone in this disaster. Why? Because there were disasters happening all over the country at the same time, catastrophic events of ALL KINDS - not just earthquakes. The government agencies that people had depended on in the past were so overwhelmed and stretched to the breaking point that they could not send help to anyone in Cincinnati, Ohio. No help was coming from the government, absolutely NONE!

So, what is the dream's warning, and what am I warning you about today? If you are not prepared for what is coming, you better wake up and prepare! Be prepared to help those who are going to need help. Do not be among those needing help. God is warning all of us: help is not going to come from our government. Help is not going to come from your unprepared coworkers. The time to prepare is NOW! Do not wait until it is too late. The Lord is saying through this dream, "You are not going to have anyone to help you when the disaster(s) hits!"

Friends, if you do not know what to do, ask the Lord for wisdom. The Bible says that He gives wisdom to ALL men and doesn't criticize them for asking. He causes His sun to shine and His rain to fall on the just and the unjust alike. You don't have to be caught in the dark, not knowing what is happening or what to do!  Seek the Lord while He may be found! NOW is the acceptable time! TOMORROW just may be too late!

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